Oracle Application Testing Suite – OATS Training Course

Oracle Application Testing Suite – OATS Training Course
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Oracle Application Testing Suite Tool(OATS)  is one of the most sought automation testing tool in the QA industry designed  to test web application, oracle ebs forms  ,web services and many more. We designed this OATS Training Course suitable for both novice and who have prior experience in automation testing.

This course is designed so as to give detailed understanding of concepts on Oracle Functional Testing and Java .Starting with learning Java basics and then moving forward towards advance concepts of Oracle Functional Testing and Automation Framework creation blended with practical examples from live projects  ,it gives immense learning ,helps to switch to Automation testing upgrading  the technical  skills set and make a difference in your  professional career.

OATS Training Course Venue

Duration : 5 weeks

Session Days: Weekend

Session Duration : 2 Hours Per Session

Location :Online

OATS Training Course Details

  • Core Java – Optional if you are proficient already.
  • Introduction to Open Script
  • Installation of Open Script – The first step where many get blocked.
  • Record and Playback of test automation scripts
  • Object Identification – to identify objects of application under test.
  • Object Library – Place where all the objects and their property values are stored.
  • Using Databank for multiple test iterations
  • Open Script Workbench
  • Various Tests – to validate if the expected results are appearing on the application.
  • Working with function libraries – lets you to create reusable libraries which can be used across scripts and projects.
  • Working with Excel
  • Working with Utilities Module
  • Error Recovery – Lets you to skip through tests even if they fail and other options.
  • Troubleshooting – Most commonly faced issues and to tackle them.
  • Command Line Execution – To execute scripts without opening the tool or for batch executions
  • Test Automation Framework


This OATS Training course structure is flexible and can be discussed with trainer before starting the actual training. You can even reach out to us at testingtools.co@gmail.com for any clarifications.

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