SOAPUI free online tutorials or course
SoapUI is the most famous tool to work on test automation of web services especially w.r.t functionality, load & security testing. At you would get a chance to learn about them as per the following tutorial topics. SoapUI Tutorial Index Functional Testing of Web Services using SoapUI S.No Topic Level 1 Getting started with… (0 comment)

Learn – Python free online tutorial or course
Python has been one of the most popular language in today’s world, many people are wanting to learn the language but are not finding free online tutorials which are really good and easy to learn. At we want to provide Python free online tutorial or course so that the readers can work with selenium and… (0 comment)

OTM – Oracle Test Manager
Oracle Test Manager (OTM) is a web based test management tool for both manual and automated tests, it is an integral part of Oracle Application Testing Suite ( OATS ). OTM is used to manage multiple testing projects with different levels of user roles and access privileges. Each role in OTM has a specific function to… (61 comments)

Java programming language
Java is the most popular programming language, which has been in existence since decades ( first appeared @ May 23rd 1995 , source: Wikipedia ) Java is an object oriented programming language and specifically designed to be written once and then can be run anywhere, to be more precise it is platform independent. In other words… (0 comment)