Assuming that you are aware of triggering OATS test automation script execution in Oracle Test Manager, in a specific associated system. The system which you might have added @  Oracle Test Manager’s Tools>Systems menu => Add option. In the initial stages of building the scripts and want to make sure that everything is working fine,… (4 comments)

Traditional and time consuming approaches of automation script development are snubbed, new generation techniques are being looked up for multiple reasons and benefits. Automation teams and organisations want to improve the productivity of their test automation engineers there by result in early completion of test automation script development phase with minimal efforts. They have embarked in to code… (3 comments)

You should always be careful about how you design / architect your test automation project , it is completely dependent on the size, nature & application landscape to test for a given project, you should make sure it is: Easy to create new automation scripts, especially the E2E(End to End) automation scripts / functional scenarios.… (0 comment)

OATS Installation Error – OUI-10133:Invalid staging area, there are no top level components
This is one of the error that we encountered during the installation process of Oracle Application Testing Suite, below is the error message that we got: “OUI-10133:Invalid staging area. There are no top level components for Windows NT, Windows 2000 available for installation in this staging area.” The case is when we zipped an existing OATS… (0 comment)

Detailed steps to install Oracle XE 11g database
You have to download Oracle XE 11g database download from oracle website, for which you need to have Oracle SSO login credentials. In case you are not registered, follow the simple steps at oracle website and register for free. Once you have registered, login in to Oracle SSO authentication. Navigate to link Oracle XE 11g database download. Accept… (0 comment)