OLT – Oracle Load Testing

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  • Getting certificate error while recording the OATS Load Web HTTP script. Same URL is working fine manually and getting certificate error while opening with LOAD WEB HTTP.
    Even its working if you create the test script with functional test.
    And there is no option to continue on this web side (Not recomonded), only close option is there on the page and no sign to install the certificate.

    • In Oracle EBS Applications cases of cert error and unable to load certs is observed quite frequently…use Firefox… and when cert error comes up…add the cert exception from FireFox user interface… FireFox handles certs very well…

      And if you are more specific about using IE only, could you please try it with IE versions above 9, observed that they are a little more working better.

  • Hi Sinivas,

    Can you please explain the correlations with examples in OLT?

    • That is a huge concept kiran, it may not be easy to explain the same on a comment, please do let me know if you are interested to take up a training for the same?


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