OATS New Features and Announcements

OATS New Features and Announcements
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Oracle released its new version of OATS i.e Here you can learn about OATS new features and announcements, i.e. the changes which got introduced in to the 3 tools that form the OATS Enterprise Suite, i.e. Oracle Functional Testing ( OFT ) , Oracle Test Manager ( OTM ) and Oracle Load Testing ( OLT )

Oracle Functional Testing Related New Features, Updates & Announcements:

New Features & Updates are as below:

  1. Oracle OpenScript Image Based Recording and Playback – Oracle OpenScript supports recording image based functional test scripts. Image based recording supports capturing areas of the screen which are saved to files. Playback compares the current screen to the saved files to determine if they match.
  2. Oracle OpenScript JET Module – Oracle OpenScript includes a new Functional Test Module to support record and playback of Oracle JET (Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit) based applications.
  3. Oracle OpenScript Siebel OpenUI Module – Oracle OpenScript includes a new Functional Test Module to support record and playback of Siebel OpenUI based applications.
  4. Oracle OpenScript Supports Chrome 64-bit – Oracle OpenScript browser suppport now includes Chrome 64-bit browsers.
  5. Oracle OpenScript Supports Using the Chrome Mobile Emulator – Oracle OpenScript supports using the Chrome browser Device Mode to simulate recording of a mobile device for functional testing.
  6. Oracle OpenScript RESTful Web Services Manager – Oracle OpenScript Web Services Module includes a new RESTful Web Services Manager to support creating Web Services scripts based upon RESTful requests.


  1. End of Support for Internet Explorer 10.x is Being Planned for Future Releases of Oracle Application Testing Suite.


Oracle Load Testing Related New Features & Updates:

  1. Oracle Load Testing User Interface – Oracle Load Testing now includes a new user interface with streamlined features and options.
  2. Oracle Load Testing Raw Data – Oracle Load Testing now includes raw data in reports without the need to import CSV files from the agent machines.
  3. Oracle Load Testing Test Goals – Oracle Load Testing now includes Test Goals settings in the Autopilot for specifying which test conditions must be met to achieve the test goal.

Oracle Test Manager Related New Features & Updates:

  1. Oracle Test Manager Copy/Paste – Oracle Test Manager now includes the ability to copy and paste tree nodes between projects for Test Plans, Requirements, Tests, Test Execution, and Issues.


Comments (7)

  • Does Oracle Functional testing tool recognizes .net forms and objects? OR it works well only with Oracle Forms?

  • Hi Srinivas,

    Is it possible to integrate Sikuli tool with openscript?
    I want to use sikuli for automating desktop applications like JDE(Mainframe), Is there any alternate way or thirdparty freeware tool for the automation of desktop applications which can be integrated with Openscript OATS as well.

    I am using OATS 12.

    • I am using OATS Version: Build 1012

      • Author

        I think it should be possible to invoke sikuli scripts from OATS too.. Recently some additional tools have come in to market which are opensource… and can automate windows apps tooo…

  • Hi Srinivas,

    I installed OATS Build 173,But in IE 11 addons showing incompatiable.Could please help me on this.



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