Cannot get a connection from the browser helper after 30 seconds

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Cannot get a connection from the browser helper after 30 seconds. Do you want to continue waiting for the browser to load

This is one of the most common issue which automation test engineers face when using Oracle Application Testing Suite, in this article you will learn different ways to solve this issue, based on different circumstances.


Whenever we get this issue, I would suggest to perform the following checks.

1. In compatibility of OATS and installed browser versions

Go through the OATS versions and the compatible browsers, jre versions and Operating Systems and check with your OATS version and the browsers installed at your end

For example:

The case when browser version is not compatible with OATS version, It might look as below in the screenshot :

Openscript WebDOM 2.0 is not compatible
Openscript WebDOM 2.0 is not compatible

You can navigate to the above screen in FireFox by going Tools > Add-ons Menu Item.

In the above screen shot, if you observe, it says the plugin is not compatible with specific version of Firefox version.

You may have to un-install the current version of FireFox and install the one which is supported, by looking at the OATS compatible matrix.

For this use case, I had installed FireFox 31 ESR, now you can see as below:

Openscript WebDOM 2.0 is compatible now with FF 31 ESR for OATS 12.5
Openscript WebDOM 2.0 is compatible now with FF 31 ESR for OATS 12.5

We can see that for the respective Openscript WebDom Plugin, we have a button to enable, just click on it to get started and you should be able to take it forward from there.

The steps are similar for Internet explorer as well, please do reach out to me through comments in case of any issues, I would be more than happy to help out.

2. Could be Installation problem

Some times, though the OATS installation gets successful, the browser helpers may not have been configured properly during the OATS installation.

What we can do is

  • Close Openscript IDE
  • Close all browsers
  • Uninstall the browser helper by navigating to your openscript installation folder, in my case it is “C:/OracleATS/openScript/” and then click on UninstallBrowserHelpers.bat file.
  • Install back by clicking on InstallBrowserHelpers.bat file in the same folder
  • Launch openscript again

Now if you try to record, it might allow you to launch the browser recorders properly and be able to continue with test automation and create the scripts.

3. Could be auto upgrade of Browsers

We see that everything used to work fine before and suddenly this issues starts bothering us. One of the simple reasons could be that, the Browsers were set to auto upgrade, when ever you restart your machine or laptop, it might upgrade the browser. The new version of browser could be in compatible for OATS.

One of the best things to do for this kind of situations is that, once your setup and configuration is done for OATS versions and respective browsers, make sure the auto upgrade is disabled for browsers.

4. Might have to restart the machine once

Some times, if you have installed OATS just now and trying to record the scripts, it would be good to restart the machine one time to make sure all settings are proper post installation.

5. Could be installation corruption

Few of the times, we have observed the installation has been corrupted, we may have to un-install OATS ( Oracle Application Testing Suite ) and then re-install to make it work properly.

6. Openscript might need some additional time to launch recorders

Some times, based on machine configuration and other load taken by applications running in the machine, openscript might take time to connect to the browser helpers.

What we can do is, click on the “Yes” button on the popup window and it might work some times.

Cannot get a connection from the browser helper after 30 seconds. Do you want to continue waiting for the browser to load
Cannot get a connection from the browser helper after 30 seconds. Do you want to continue waiting for the browser to load

In case any of the above options, did not work out, please do let me know your error details and issue details through the comments and I would be more than happy to help you out.


Comments (18)

  • Hi Srinivas I’ m also facing the same issue..
    Browser is getting launched when i start recording but recorder will not start recorder. I tried all the solution given by you. Still same issue.
    Can you please help me.

    • Author

      Hi Madhura,

      Thanks for reaching out to us. Before to get in to analyzing the issue, could you please let me know below things? It will help to analyse and give solution in a faster way.

      1. OATS version
      2. IE version
      3. Operating System
      4. JRE Version if you are working with Oracle EBS applications
      5. Did you launch OpenScript tool as an Administrator ?
      6. Do you have multiple JRE versions?
      7. Is this a fresh install of OATS or have you tried multiple installs?
      8. Do you see that OpenScript Addin is enabled in IE browser, you can refer to this article “Checklist to verify successful installation of OATS

      Srinivas P.

    • Please run the openScript by Administrator(right click openscript and get the property, then check the button of ‘Run Openscript as Administrator’). I have met the same issue , and the way works now.

  • Hello,

    I have the same issue with the helper error.

    I am working on a Windows Server 2016, OATS Version is, I am using Internet explorer 11.576.14393.0 and I have installed the jre with version 1.8.0_121 for 32bit.

    When I record/replay a test script from OpenScript there is no problem. When I import this script in Test Manager and try to execute it I get the ‘Cannot get a connection from helper after 120 seconds’ error.

    This was a fresh install of OATS.

    The plugins are enabled in IE (and apparently they are working in OpenScript).

    If you can help me with solving this. Also, I have installed a Oracle 11gr2 Database in the machine with OATS.

    Many Thanks,

    • Author

      Thank you so much marialena for reaching out to us. But for you to debug properly, I would suggest you to follow the steps specified @ view execution triggered from Oracle Test Manager , it will help you to view what exactly is happening, or if you can come online for a screen share, I can give a try.

      • Helllo Srinivas,

        thank you very much for coming back to me so fast.

        I have already tried to execute:
        C:\OracleATS\agentmanager\bin\AgentManagerService.exe -c C:\OracleATS\agentmanager\bin\AgentManagerService.conf

        and I get ‘This app can’t run on your pc’. I am running this command as an administrator.

        Is there a solution to this??

        Thank you…


        • Author

          HI Marialena,

          Can you try below command instead of the one mentioned earlier, the earlier is for old versions, and for new versions it is as below:


          Would like to hear back from you on this.


  • Hello Srinivas,

    when I try to execute this command from cmd either when agent manager service is running or stopped, I wait for 4 – 5 minutes and nothing happens. I just see an underscore character.

    When I try to run this agentmanager.cmd file from the file explorer, I get nothing when the service is stopped and the following error when the service is running:

    at java.lang.Object.wait(Native Method)
    at oracle.oats.empstart.PortListener.getContRequest(PortListener.java:276)
    at oracle.oats.empstart.EmpStartMain.parseRequests(EmpStartMain.java:1228)
    at oracle.oats.empstart.EmpStartMain.(EmpStartMain.java:517)
    at oracle.oats.empstart.EmpStartMain.main(EmpStartMain.java:423)

  • Hello Srinivas,

    ignore my previous message… I haven’t understood that I need to keep open the agentmanager.cmd window and run the OTM script. When I keep it open the OTM runs without any problems and my test is successful.

    Do you have something like a forum where we could ask also other questions related to OATS problems for which you don’t have a blog post?

    Many many thanks for the help.

    • Author

      Hi Marialena,

      This is great to know, I am happy for you that solution has helped you to go ahead with script execution.

      Well I am planning to build one platform where more discussions can happen, but until then, you can pick any article related to OATS in my blog and give your comments, I should be able to help you out.

      Only request I have is, kindly share this website among your friends 🙂

      Srinivas P.

  • Hi Srinivas,

    Thank you very much again.
    I would like to ask a question about adding a command line reference to the OTM test execution but I couldn’t find a relevant post.

    • Author

      Unfortunately, there is no option provided to trigger OTM scripts through command line, we can only execute OATS scripts through command line option.

      May I know if this is what you are asking?

  • Hi Srinivas, thank you for being so quick.
    I removed one agent and left only the host: *, port: 9001 etc but I get the same error again.

  • Hi Srinivas

    I am trying to run the test and it fails with 90 sec time out ,

    error in the log file

    2017-03-29 08:20:50,002 ERROR [EmpStartMain] oracle.oats.empstart.PortListener
    javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: Remote host closed connection during handshake

    do you have any idea what it is?


    • Author

      Hi Seelan,

      Thank you so much for reaching to me, let me know if you can come on a screen share to understand and solve the problem, as there might n number of reasons for this.


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