Java programming language

Java programming language
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Java is the most popular programming language, which has been in existence since decades ( first appeared @ May 23rd 1995 , source: Wikipedia )

Java is an object oriented programming language and specifically designed to be written once and then can be run anywhere, to be more precise it is platform independent. In other words code written and compiled in one platform, can be run on any other platforms

Most of the popular Test Automation tools like Oracle Application Testing Suite ( a.k.a OATS ), Selenium uses Java programming language to develop test automation scripts. Though selenium can work with other programming languages, it is widely used in conjunction with Java.

So being a test automation engineer, it is very much important to have good amount of knowledge on Java. To cope with the challenges and to write business logic when situation demands.

At testingtools.co, you will learn Java programming language sufficient enough to be able to work with test automation.

Learn java for automation testing – tutorial plan

Main Topic Sub Topic
Java Basics
Getting started with First Java Program
Object Oriented Programming
Basic Syntax
Data Types
Writing Classes & Methods
Looping and Conditional statements
Java for Test Automation
String Manipulations
Try & Catch structures
Working with Properties File
File I/O
Working with Excel
Frequently used in Test Automation
List of java classes used in Test Automation
Code snippets
Reference links to learn More about Java

In case you need any specific topics to be included, please do let us know your interest in the comments section, we would be more than happy to add up some topics.


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