OATS Installation Error – OUI-10133:Invalid staging area, there are no top level components
This is one of the error that we encountered during the installation process of Oracle Application Testing Suite, below is the error message that we got: “OUI-10133:Invalid staging area. There are no top level components for Windows NT, Windows 2000 available for installation in this staging area.” The case is when we zipped an existing OATS… (0 comment)

Openscript test data parmeterization with databanks
As you all know the main purpose of creating automation test scripts is to run the scripts for multiple sets of data and increase the test coverage with several combinations of test data, while there are several ways to parameterize scripts in Oracle Application testing suite, this article limits to knowing as how to parametrize openscript scripts… (6 comments)

New Features and Updates in OATS
Oracle had released Oracle Application Testing Suite in the month of August 2016, i.e. just before Oracle Open World @ San Francisco. As any other releases, it comprises of new features and updates, the following article would give you the insights of the same. New Features & Updates on Oracle Functional testing perspective Now… (7 comments)