Steps to launch and start appium server
Now that we have installed all required software and created the project with all configurations done, ready with the test automation script to get executed in the virtual device, but before to that you need to launch and start the appium server. Only then the selenium instructions are diverted to virtual mobile device i.e. via appium… (0 comment)

Configure android project with Selenium libraries
Once you have created the project in android studio by following the article: how to create project in android studio, your next step is to configure the android project with selenium libraries, in order to work with selenium WebDriver based test automation script. We are focusing more on Java code as reference. Steps to configure… (0 comment)

How to create project in android studio
Once you have successfully installed Latest Android Studio software, you can get started with creating a project in android studio. It is quite simple to create a project using the latest versions of Android studio. Step by Step instructions to create project in Android Studio: Open Android studio tool from Start Menu. It might take… (0 comment)

If you are working on test automation of enterprise application or applications with huge functionality and various combinations of test data or you need to verify authorization for different roles and responsibilities, you would surely end up in to situations where you must close the entire application and start from clean state. Especially if you are testing… (4 comments)

5 Cautions you should be aware of when working with OATS
There are many environmental changes when working on Test automation related projects, years pass on things might change with Automation tools or the even with the applications under test or JRE Versions or Browser Versions or Operating Systems etc… We keep tampering the environment by making some changes in settings, preferences, privileges or configuration s,… (0 comment)

21 Points to remember when using OATS – Oracle Application Testing Suite
Oracle Application testing suite has become quite popular these days and number of searches are increasing to learn about Oracle Application Testing suite, in this article we attempted to bring all important points to remember when working with OATS – Oracle Application Testing suite. 21 Notes to work with Oracle Application Testing Suite ( a.k.a… (7 comments)